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Why Invest in a Dry Vacuum Pump?
Why Invest in a Dry Vacuum Pump?
November 23, 2017

A dry vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that doesn't require the use of oil or other fluids to operate. Mess-free and environmentally friendly, these pumps are also easy to maintain and relatively easy to operate. There are several aspects of these machines that make them excellent alternatives to conventional pumps, and they are usually well worth the investment.


There are many advantages to using a dry vacuum pump for your business.


One of the best benefits for the dry vacuum pump is its lower cost for maintenance. A common reason for the frequent repair of other pumps is damage caused from leaks. Since a dry pump does not require oil to operate, it cannot leak oil, which also means that contaminations caused by errant oil (or from the sealing liquids that prevent leaks in other devices) are nonesistent issues for these devices.


No oil also means that dry pumps are an environmentally friendly alternative to their lubricated counterparts. As well, it means that all the general unpleasantness of oil – stains and smells, for instance – are not an element of production when these devices are used. For general comfort, these machines are certainly a sound selection.


Before deciding to purchase a dry vacuum pump for your business however, check first if it is a good fit for your facility. Not all facilities are the same and some vacuum pumps that works excellently in one industry may not be a good fit for another. Getting the right product for your business is important and the best way to know which one works best for your facility is by getting advice from an expert in vacuum systems.


GlobalVac has been in the vacuum systems business for years and have a vast experience in providing vacuum systems packages for a variety of business establishments. We are dedicated to helping your business become more efficient, so feel free to contact us anytime, to see how we can benefit your production today.

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