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What is the vane is used for?
What is the vane is used for?
April 21, 2017

Though highly dependent on the configurations, vane pumps are designed to handle low to moderately viscous fluids. A rotary vane pump is also crafted with no internal on-metal contact, so it can easily achieve optimal performance for the various non-lubricating fluids. As the name suggests, a vane is used for swinging the fluid, through its blades. This creates eccentricity of the fluid hence can handle large volumes of the viscous material at high speed.


Despite the configurations adopted in a given rotary vane pump, the operation of all pumps in this series is the same. The slotted rotter positioned in a cam supported by the shaft is passed through a cavity where tension can be easily monitored and regulated. This ensures that the vanes maintain contact with the walls of the cavity as it rotates. This allows the fluid to enter the pump from where both the centrifugal force excreted on the vanes and the hydraulic pressure derived from the viscous fluid pushes it further.


The cam has small holes through which the fluid is forcefully pushed towards the exterior end of the pump. When this occurs, the fluid reaches the pumping chamber from where it is pushed to the inter-vane pockets created between the vanes, the rotor, and cam and side plates. With the rotor’s motion keeping the pace, the vanes sweep the already pumped fluid into the opposite direction of the crescent where the fluid is squeezed through the discharge holes at high pressure. As the fluid exits the pump, the process is repeated and the pumping process is continuously repeated with the flow of the fluid being maintained at a constant speed. The rotary vane pump repeats the cycle as the pumping continues over time.  


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