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What Are Industrial Vacuum Pumps?
What Are Industrial Vacuum Pumps?
September 05, 2017

Industrial vacuum pumps are used in a wide array of industrial facilities. Available in a variety of functionalities, design and price range, industrial vacuum pumps help improve an establishment's operation. There are a variety of vacuum pumps available in the market today to cater to the requirements of each business. When purchasing an industrial vacuum pump, it is important to understand the features of each type and your establishment's operations to determine the best option to improve your business process.

Here are some of the common industrial vacuum pumps used today.

One of the most common industrial vacuum pumps is the gear pump which is a type of positive displacement pump equipped with two moving parts. This type of rotary pump has non-reciprocating parts and is designed to move at a uniform speed. The gear pump works by providing a temporary vacuum at the center of two gears as they rotate. The vacuum is built to trap the fluid and then transfers it to a chamber where it is then released to the system.

The Vane pump is a rotary pump widely present in industrial facilities. Built with hydraulic loaded vanes mounted into the rotor, this type of industrial vacuum pump is built to reduce fluid leaks.

The piston pump is another type of rotary pump. The piston pump is manipulated through altering the swash plate's angle. The larger the angle, the greater the piston pump's capacity.

Another type of vacuum pump that is becoming popular nowadays is the dry vacuum pumps. This type of innovation requires no fluid to run which makes it easier to maintain and hassle free to operate. Most dry vacuum pumps feature a compact design for easy transport.

The best way to determine which design will suit your business is to study about the types of industrial vacuum pumps available today. It is also recommended to get advice from companies like GlobalVac with a vast experience in providing vacuum systems for a variety of businesses.

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