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We offer a large selection of dry vacuum pump and rotary vacuum pump systems for laboratories. GlobalVac has been an industry leader in vacuum technology, we have worked with many laboratory facilities in manufacturing their ideal dry vacuum pump and rotary claw vacuum pump systems.


Our highly experienced technicians will be able to help with your purchase of the perfect dry vacuum pump and rotary vacuum pump system for the size and capabilities of your laboratory. Please feel free to browse our extensive line of dry vacuum pump and rotary vacuum pump systems.

Triplex Stack

The GlobalVAC Triplex Lubricated Rotary Vane stack mount
Lab vacuum systems are built as two skids bolted together. One
skid consists of three vacuum pumps mounted on a fabricated
frame. A second skid is built with a Epoxy Lined vertical receiver
with a mounted and wired PLC control panel. Each
pump is equipped with an isolation valve, check valve and
pump mounted inlet filter assembly with quick clasp system for
easy element changeout and electrically actuated Automatic
Purge process for removing condensable vapors in pumping
chamber as pump cools. The receiver is equipped with a sight
glass, manual drain valve and process inlet valve.

Triplex PLC Control Panel Including the Following:

  • Finger Safe Power Distribution Block
  • Full Voltage Motor Starter for Each Pump
  • 120V Control Transformer with CB protected Primary and Secondary Circuits
  • 120Vac/24Vdc Power Supply
  • PLC w/integrated HMI with Touch Screen & Keypad
  • Door Mounted Motor Circuit Protector for Each Pump
  • Auto Restart after Power Outage
  • 4-20mA Transmitter to Control Pumps via PLC
  • H/O/A Switch, Run Light, Hour Meter integrated in PLC
  • Door Mounted Disconnect
  • Dry Contacts for Remote Monitoring
  • PLC By-pass allows Pump Operation with MCPs
  • System Fault Indicator display on PLC

GPRBT-115-P-120V567.7/135.429.92"Hg13248120 GAL VERTICAL
GPRBT-150-P-120V5106/21229.92"Hg20274120 GAL VERTICAL
GPRBT-202-P-200V7.5141/28229.92"Hg26898200 GAL VERTICAL
GPRBT-303-P-200V10212/42429.92"Hg398146200 GAL VERTICAL