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The Many Uses for Industrial Vacuum Pumps
The Many Uses for Industrial Vacuum Pumps
November 09, 2017

Since the early use of nuclear energy in the 1950s, vacuum technologies have become increasingly important in the industrial world. Today, industrial vacuum pumps are designed with more advanced features, and are used for a wide variety of applications.


These devices typically work through one of three general principles: positive displacement, momentum transfer, or entrapment. Positive displacement is the most common type, in which a sealed volume is expanded, closed off, and then released, forcing gases to exit the pump. This is repeated until a partial vacuum is created, devoid of undesired material. The general simplicity of the process allows even a relatively small vessel to expel large amounts of gas through constant repetition of the process.


There are numerous uses for industrial vacuum pumps.


Although the principle itself is straightforward, it is impossible to understate the potential of vacuum pump systems, which are used in a wide number of industries today.


Medical Applications:

  • Radiosurgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Radiopharmacy
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Biomaterial analysis


As a Power Source:

  • Gyroscopes in planes
  • Hybrid cars
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Automotive trunk release


Other Interesting Uses:

  • Dairy milking
  • Air conditioning
  • Sewage maintenance
  • Fusion research
  • Uranium enrichment



Getting The Best Industrial Vacuum Pumps for Your Needs



Of course, the above list is far from complete, and the many potential uses for these devices means that finding and choosing a high-quality pump is a crucial industrial investment. GlobalVac are experts in these pumps, and are certainly able to provide the right fit for industrial, medical, and laboratorial needs – including lubricated and oil-less rotary vanes, as well as water-sealed liquid ring systems.


Finding the best pump for your needs means engaging in careful research and understanding each device extremely well. At GlobalVac, we would be thrilled to offer our expertise in this field, acquired through close to thirty years of working with these machines. Our technicians are highly skilled, and have recommended and worked with industrial vacuum pumps for a great many companies. Contact us today to learn how we can benefit yours!

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