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The Industrial Vacuum Pump – A Deeper Look
The Industrial Vacuum Pump – A Deeper Look
September 27, 2017

Continuing on with our last blog post, we’re coming back to the topic of the industrial vacuum pump. Here’s a quick recap: an industrial vacuum pump is one piece of machinery that has become indispensable to a manufacturing operation. To properly understand what is needed in a specific function, a discussion needs to be done on the basics of the industrial vacuum pump.

There are ways to differentiate the kinds and uses of an industrial vacuum pump.

The standards in differentiating them include their operating pressure range, which identifies the industrial vacuum pump as either a primary pump or a booster or secondary pump. Even with these differences, the principle in operating an industrial vacuum pump remains the same. The considerations are as follows:

  1. Air Removal. The industrial vacuum pump’s first job is the removal of air molecules as well as other gases from the chamber. The increased pressure in the chamber makes these unneeded molecules more difficult to expel, thus an industrial grade vacuum pump is needed. In using an industrial vacuum pump, large pressure ranges can be achieved to ‘purify’ the air in the vacuum chamber.

  2. Gas Technology. Once the pressure is achieved, there are two functions that an industrial vacuum pump can perform. The first is gas transfer or the kinetic movement of gas molecules either by momentum or by positive displacement. Momentum means that the gas itself moves towards the outlet. Positive displacement, on the other hand, works by capturing a gas volume and mechanically pushing it through chambers or cavities within the pump mechanism.

  3. Type of Pump. The type of pump also determines the function of the industrial vacuum pump. It can be a diaphragm pump or a scroll pump or roots pump or a screw pump.


In defining an industrial vacuum pump, key elements need to be considered. These include the air removal function, followed by the gas technology and then the type of pump. All these taken together determines the definition of the industrial vacuum pump.

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