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The Benefits of an Oilless Vacuum Pump
The Benefits of an Oilless Vacuum Pump
December 07, 2016

Oilless vacuum pumps offer an excellent compression service without oil. The dry pumps in this series are built with an easy-to-operate design where control can be easily done within a cool and quiet environment. This compares to the oil-sealed pumps that operate within an environment where process control cannot be easily administered.


Apart from the quiet operational mode, oilless vacuum pumps offer unique and compact designs through which the molecular drag modules are backed by appropriate diaphragm modules. As a result, the custom designed diaphragm module ensures constant and consistent flow of the fluid during the pumping process. With each module working separately, the pumping process does not allow for breaks in the fluid flow.


Since an oilless vacuum pump has no requirement to use oil, there are no oil traces introduced back stream during the pumping process. As a result, there is no need for oil traps and filtration accessories for the pump. Consequently, the pumps confer high speed operations during the normal cycle of the pumping process, so the fluid attains high velocities and operational speeds.


The oil free series of vacuum pumps offers an easy to clean backing. Thanks to the unique design where highly efficient turbo mode backing and diffusion capabilities can be easily attained. This makes oil free pumps more efficient than their mechanical counterparts. The pumps are also designed with an easy to re-engineer and repair structure without the need for cryogenic and bake out procedures.


Lastly, oil free pumps offer superior versatility when it comes to moving gas and other viscous fluids. This makes the movement of condensable fluids fast, effective and more efficient than when transferred in the non-compressed form. For the best pumps that match your user needs, feel free to contact GlobalVac. We remain committed to delivering the best value at all times.

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