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The benefits of a vacuum pump over an air compressor
The benefits of a vacuum pump over an air compressor
February 10, 2017

A literal view shows indifference between the vacuum pump and air compressor, all depending on the open end, and the end tied to the pump. In practice, there is a major functional and operational difference between the two, especially when considered at an industrial scale. These differences determine the efficiency of the pumps and compressors as well as their ability to achieve the desired outcome. As a consequence, a compressor offers higher pressure than the corresponding vacuum pump. This article implores into the functional benefits of a vacuum pump over an air compressor.


A pump is typically used to transfer a volume of fluid from the inlet to the outlet valve. This compares to a compressor whose operational principle is based on compressing a fluid before moving it from an inlet to a reservoir. Consequently, vacuum pumps offer faster transfer of the fluid than its comparative air compressor vacuum pump counterpart.


Although both vacuum pumps and air compressors take part in moving fluids, a pump only facilitates the transfer at the same volume, while an air compressor reduces the volume of the fluid before transferring it. As an advantage, the uncompressed fluid under transfer in the case of vacuum pump does not require decompressing when it gets to the destination or point of use. In such cases, the use of an air compressor vacuum pump combines both functionalities of pumping and compressing the fluid.


With an air compressor being involved in volume reduction for the fluid, the highly pressurized fluid becomes susceptible to leakage than in the case of regular pumping. This makes the use of comparative vacuum pumps more elaborate than that of air compressors, especially where large volumes of fluid are being transported.


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