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The Basics of a Compressor Vacuum Pump
The Basics of a Compressor Vacuum Pump
June 06, 2017

The basic design of a compressor vacuum pump is that the inlet is attached to a vacuum system and the outlet is open for discharge. In small-scale industries, the compressor and the vacuum pump is often the same. On the other hand, for large-scale operations, this practice should be avoided, as heavy loads will damage equipment that operate as both a vacuum and compressor.


There are key factors in determining the proper set up for a compressor vacuum pump. The following are some of the criteria used in the market today:


  1. Vacuum Pressure: This pump performance standard determines the amount of pressure that can be generated at any given time. Determine if the compressor vacuum pump’s pressure limit is either intermittent or continuous.
  2. Rate of Air Removal: The flow rating of the compressor vacuum pump is determined by the volume of air removed without any change in the pressure levels in the pump. Check the manufacturer’s manual to determine the flow rate at differing pressure levels.
  3. Power Requirement:  Vacuum pumps often consume low levels of electricity unlike compressors because of the motor that compresses the air. It is key to determine the pressure flow curve, or the volume of air flowing at a level of power consumption.


These three criteria above are affected by pump temperature. At a high vacuum level, heat is not as present, unlike at low levels where the friction of the compressed air increases the pump temperature.


Thus, in choosing a compressor vacuum pump, the three criteria to consider are its vacuum pressure, its rate of air removal and power requirement. Finding the right combination of these three that provides output to best serve the manufacturing needs is key in the proper design of a vacuum compressor pump. The proper design avoids any breakdowns or losses in the long run.

Very helpful article, thankyou!
Posted by: Tom R. | December 8, 2017, 1:23 pm
Quincy vacuum pumps are by far the most efficient ive seen
Posted by: Alex | July 18, 2017, 12:49 pm
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