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Selecting the right dry vacuum pump
Selecting the right dry vacuum pump
April 14, 2017

There are various dry vacuum pump machines available in the market today, with each being designed for different uses and applications. It is therefore critical that you select the right pump that matches your needs, leads to great cost savings as well as creates an avenue for you to earn more from your investment. To clearly understand the key checks that a good pump for you ought to have, the following considerations are critical:


Cooling techniques

Not all dry pumps require fluids for cooling, and so do not involve contact processes to cool them. It is of paramount importance to know that all dry vacuum pump systems run hot from the normal cycle of use. This compares to the oil or water cooled pumps whose primary chambers are cooled using a single or a combination of service fluids. Therefore, any process that might require long pumping hours cannot reliably depend on the use of dry vacuum pumps.


Operational mechanism

The structural design of any given pump depicts the nature of its application. This is closely related to the operational mechanism in that the technique used in pumping or compressing any fluids under transportation defines their efficiency. In selecting the right dry claw pump, it is recommended that you determine if the rotary lobed design, the claw, and hook or it is the rotary screw type that best meets your operational needs. Based on the operational mechanism, a good dry claw pump should allow you optimize on their operational speed without limiting the pressure at which the system operates.


Handling contaminants

All dry vacuum pump systems are poorly adapted to handle contaminants, especially any slags that maybe found in the fluids being transported. Therefore, if the fluids being transported have contaminants in them, the use of the liquid ring pump series that can handle slags is recommended.  

This helps me select my next dry vacuum pump. Thanks!
Posted by: Casey P. | June 6, 2017, 2:14 pm
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