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Rotary Vane Pump – The 411
Rotary Vane Pump – The 411
August 21, 2017

A rotary vane pump is essential in a variety of industries including medical, laboratory and industrial. Before choosing a rotary vane pump, it is important to know the basics to ensure that the piece you are getting will suit your business needs. Getting the right rotary vane pump for your business will ensure efficiency in your production or facility process.

A rotary vane pump is a type of positive-displacement pump which consists of vanes placed on a rotor. One of the advantages of a rotary vane pump is its reduced leakage compared to gear pumps. Though vane pumps have less pressure and capacity compared to gear pumps, their leak resistant design helps increase its efficiency.

There are two types of vane pumps available in the market today: the fixed displacement rotary vane pump and the variable displacement rotary vane pump.

A fixed displacement vane pump works by producing a uniform pump discharge at a particular pressure. Fixed displacement rotary vane pumps feature simple double assemblies, good serviceability and they produce less noise.

The second type of rotary vane pump is the variable displacement vane pump. This piece allows a varied discharge of the pump. Convenient to use, the variable displacement vane pump's discharge can be modified to cater to your business process requirements. Variable vane pumps are great for basic multiple assemblies. They also produce less noise which makes them great for a variety of settings. One advantage of variable displacement vane pumps is their low-cost.

It is ideal to ask for an expert's advice when deciding to purchase a rotary vane pump for your business. GlobalVac is a vacuum system specialist that provides high-quality products at reasonable prices. We have been in the industry for more than twenty-six years and we have a vast experience to provide your business with the best rotary vane pump. Call us at 508-230-9445 to know more about rotary vane pumps.

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