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As a division of Air Energy, GlobalVac is able to provide all our clients with a large assortment of services and parts. As your one stop for all vacuum and pump systems, we’re proud to provide you with top quality services that will save you time and money.


As a division of Air Energy, GlobalVac is able to offer a variety of installation services to all our clients. We are able to our clients turnkey projects with the seamless installation of your rotary vacuum pump systems so that your equipment is ready and in working order when you need it. We can install everything from compressed air lines to ventilation systems and more. We stand by all our installations, and offer ongoing support once your rotary vacuum pump system is set up and ready for use. Get all your vacuum pump system needs with us, reduce installation costs and get your system up and running with less down time.

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As your one stop for compressor pump and rotary vacuum pump services, we provide all our clients with a wide range of repair services. For compressor pump systems and air compressor repairs, GlobalVac is proud to provide our clients with repair services through our parent company, Air Energy. Our experienced staff at Air Energy is equipped with the know-how to tackle your repair of your rotary vacuum pump and vacuum systems, and are able to service your equipment at your location. No repair is too big or too small, for expert opinions and work, look no further than our skilled repair technicians.

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Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance of a rotary vacuum pump and vacuum system is a time-consuming process and can take minutes or even hours away from a steady work flow. Employing savvy technicians and maintenance staff is another time investment, and without the necessary tools and parts, not every issue can be solved in-house. That's where our maintenance contracts can come in, giving you back your time so you can put it back into your operations. We will make sure that your equipment and rotary vacuum pump system is running trouble-free, and will identify possible issues as soon as they arise. With prompt service and regular maintenance, downtime will be minimized, keeping your operations running at optimal levels.

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24/7 Support

We understand the sensitive applications and uses of our rotary vacuum pump and vacuum systems, and that downtime is a critical factor in your business operations. That's why we offer 24/7 support to all our clients, with expert technicians on call and ready to assist you at any time regarding your rotary vacuum pump system. We're able to assist with equipment operation of your rotary vacuum pump system and can send out a repair technician should the problem be more serious. For all questions and concerns call our support line (508)-230-9445 to speak with a knowledgeable service representative.

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Compressor Parts

From our parent company Air Energy, we are able to provide our clients with a variety of compressor parts for your rotary vacuum pump systems. These accessories can complete your air compressor purchase, and keep your machine running reliably and efficiently. Along with our quality equipment, we stock only the highest in quality parts and accessories so that repairs and downtime are kept to a minimum.


Compressor parts we stock for rotary vane pump and vacuum systems:








Service Tools

Downtime can be very costly, taking an indeterminate amount of time away from production. At GlobalVac we always suggest that our clients be ahead on repairs and servicing of their rotary vane pump systems before major failures occur, so that downtime is kept to a minimum and that your rotary vane pump systems and vacuum compressor pump systems are always performing at an optimal level. Through Air Energy we are able to provide our clients with service tools that will help keep machine failure of their vacuum compressor pump system, rotary vane pump systems and downtime at bay. Our technicians are able to provide you with the necessary knowledge for using our service tools so that you can service your machinery as required.

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