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Rotary Pump 101
Rotary Pump 101
October 20, 2017

A rotary pump is a piece of machinery that pumps liquids through a given area using rotating elements. The rotary driver can either be gears, vanes or screws. Depending upon the driving element, the rotary pump is called a gear pump, a vane pump or a screw pump. There are also variations, such as the rotary screw vacuum pump.

Most rotary pumps, including the rotary screw vacuum pump, use two gears or vanes or screws to drive the liquid to its destination. The driving gear interlocks with the driven gear to push the liquid through a medium by creating cavities. A cavity is a space between the gears and by interlocking the gears, the fluid is moved by the continuous opening and closing of the gears.

The continuous rotation of the gear, vane or screw moves the fluid through the unit. This movement is pushed through the operation of several gears, vanes or screws driven by a motor. The successive interlocking of the driving elements pushes the liquid through the tube system to the destination.

What are the areas of a rotary pump that need to be constantly checked and maintained? 

  1. Motor. The motor provides the force for the driving elements of a rotary pump. Improper operation of the motor would prevent the proper functioning of the driving elements, which in turn prevents the proper flow of the liquid through the pump.
  2. Driving Elements. The gears, vanes or screws need to be checked for proper interlocking to be able to push the liquid. Any leak or cracks would result in the improper operation, leading to inefficient operation of the rotary pump.
  3. Inlet and Outlet Ports. Checking the ports of a rotary pump is essential to avoid any leaks or blockages in the flow of the liquid. Proper washing is key to prevent this from occurring.

A rotary pump requires proper understanding of its operation and maintenance to ensure its proper opening. It is also important to know which pump is for which industry. The rotary screw vacuum pump, for example, is perfect for the medical industry. Find out more, from GlobalVac!

I was referred to this page for reference -- very useful, thanks.
Posted by: Jane R. | November 9, 2017, 8:48 am
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