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Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump
Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump
January 25, 2018

Any enterprise today should be concerned about their impact on the environment. This means considering power efficiency, emissions and the use of combustible fuels. Many pieces of modern equipment and machinery are therefore designed to help us take care of our natural resources.


The rotary claw vacuum pump is the ideal piece of equipment, designed to run without oil. Since this type of vacuum pump requires no lubricant, the discharged gas emissions are very clean.


Rotary claw vacuum pumps prevent oil contamination and offer a healthier work environment in any facility.


Designed with a frictionless construction and lubricant-free pumping chamber, the dry claw vacuum pump is more energy efficiency in order to improve the operations of your facility. For easy transport and maneuverability, the rotary claw vacuum pump is also often built in a compact or portable design.


Aside from the environmentally friendly design of a rotary claw vacuum pump, it also has plenty of other benefits for your business:


Rotary claw vacuum pumps are easy to operate. They do not need to be looked after frequently, compared to conventional oil-operated models. Rotary claw vacuum pumps eliminate the risk of oil leaks, which decreases the need for repair of the vacuum pumps. This means less maintenance and a lower repair cost when needed.


Getting an expert's advice is very useful in deciding which vacuum system is best for your facility. A reliable and trusted business partner like GlobalVac will help you improve operations at a reasonable price.


GlobalVac has been providing high quality vacuum systems for more than twenty-five years, providing cost-effective and industry standard equipment. GlobalVac has vast experience in vacuum systems. Call us at 508-230-9445 or visit us for more information about the products and services that we can provide your enterprise today!

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