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Proper Maintenance of a Medical Vacuum Pump
Proper Maintenance of a Medical Vacuum Pump
January 19, 2018

The medical services industry requires very efficient air filtration systems to provide proper healthcare in any facility. Having a properly functioning medical vacuum pump is critical in hospitals or clinics with a high volume of patients. A modern and well-functioning pump can provide any facility with the ventilation and filtration needed to deter infection or disease from spreading.


A medical vacuum pump can perform a myriad of tasks in any medical setting.


It can filter the air in an operating room, where cleanliness and sterility is of the utmost concern. The pump can also provide suction to collect biodegradable or biohazardous materials. It can be a great asset in the maintenance of any area, reducing staff and patient exposure to contagious or harmful waste.


Maintaining a medical vacuum pump, therefore, is of paramount importance to any facility. Here are the key areas to look after when maintaining a medical vacuum pump:


  1. Power. The maintenance provider needs to ensure that the power cord and source have no obstruction. If there is an issue with the connection, there could be an inconsistent operation of the medical vacuum pump. There pump also requires a grounded connection, so amperage needs to be checked.
  2. Rotary Vanes. Most medical vacuum pumps operate a rotor and rotary vanes to create the necessary vacuum needed to push out the air or make suction with enough power. The key to maintaining a medical vacuum pump is to clean the rotary vanes of any unwanted material which may hinder the proper interlocking of the vanes.
  3. Bearings. The rotor’s bearings need to be checked routinely to ensure they are properly shaped and that there are no cracks. If the bearings have become misshapen or have cracked, immediate replacement is needed so that the medical vacuum pump operates smoothly.

A medical vacuum pump is both a life saver and a shield against future health problems. The proper maintenance is key to keeping patients healthy and well in any medical facility.

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