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Preventative maintenance routine for medical vacuum pumps
Preventative maintenance routine for medical vacuum pumps
March 14, 2017

Hospitals and medical institutions require a high level of reliability as far as medical equipment are concerned. Medical vacuum pump machines are no exception. These gadgets are designed to form a suction system for removing unwanted gases and fluids form laboratory and medical areas. They therefore require keen attention to detail and good maintenance practices.


Here are some examples of maintenance practices for different medical vacuum pumps to enhance efficiency and reliability in their operation.


Claw medical vacuum pump systems


These systems use a frictionless, dry, multi-claw technology. The claws are synchronized through precision gears and rotate in opposite directions, hence building a highly efficient vacuum system. At no point do the claws come into contact with each other, hence eliminating friction that would otherwise necessitate the need for a sealing fluid or lubricant inside the pumping chamber.


The best practices for this pump include:


  • Vane replacement – This ensures rotary vanes don’t wear out frequently. Replace them as per the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Exhaust separator filters – Filters should be replaced annually to ensure they perform well
  • Replacement of gear lubes
  • Inlet filters – The inlet filter should also be changed at least once annually

Rotary vane medical vacuum pump


The vanes of this type of medical vacuum pump are attached to a rotor revolving inside a cavity. At times, the vanes are secured tight to ensure they maintain contact with the pump’s walls as they rotate. The machine has a compact design, aimed at achieving low-maintenance and high performance qualities. The recommended regular maintenance duties include:

Vane replacement – This is one product where worn-out vanes will make your work difficult. Regular check-up and maintained is required.

Change of oil – a rotary vane medical vacuum pump requires regular replacement of oil every couple of working hours.

Vacuum production units – These need to be frequently replaced to enhance fuel consumption and efficiency. 

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