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Positive Displacement Industrial Vacuum Pumps: An Introduction
Positive Displacement Industrial Vacuum Pumps: An Introduction
August 01, 2017

The industrial vacuum pump is one of the most common choices for manufacturing operations and other facilities today. This is because it is known to have a high power to weight ratio. These pumps are an obvious choice in high capacity pumping operations due to their durability and power. Additionally, positive displacement pumps of this type are built for the industry, meaning their entire design is centered around prolonged use in more intensive applications. There are various types of displacement pumps, each of which has its own uses and benefits.


The Different Types of Positive Displacement Industrial Vacuum Pumps


There are three main types of positive displacement pumps and they are:


  1. Reciprocating pumps: This type of pump is mainly used for fluids that contain sludge and slurry. The main advantage of using reciprocating pumps is the construction. It has a built-in steam pump with pistons that are double edged. This means that every stroke amounts to a double acting revolution. This translates directly to higher pumping capacity over time. Secondly, it is designed with high powered pressure pumps that increase the force with which the fluid (which is usually viscous in nature) is pumped.

  3. Metering pumps: These pumps offer complete solutions in precision control for clean service fluid pumping. These industrial vacuum pumps are designed to handle low rate minimum flow rates in order to manage additives to the central course.

  5. Rotary pumps: a rotary designed pump is ideal for fluids with significant high changes in pressure. It traps fluid within its closed casing and releases with a leveled flow.


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