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We understand the importance of the quality of machinery and systems including rotary claw vacuum pump lines within the medical industry. This is why we here at GlobalVac are confident that you can trust in the medical vacuum pump systems and rotary claw vacuum pumps that we offer.


Our experts and technicians are able to recommend which medical vacuum pump system or rotary claw vacuum pump system is right for your facility's size and capability. Please feel free to browse our extensive line of high-quality medical vacuum pump systems and screw vacuum pumps.

Multiplex systems

-Two through Four Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps
-Inlet Filter mounted on each pump
-Local/Remote switch on each pump
-Short Cycle Auto Reset on each pump
-Fusible Disconnect on each pump
-Auxiliary Contacts for Motor Overload and High Air Temp                
-Epoxy Lined Vertical Receiver with System Isolation Valve, Sight Glass, Manual Drain and 3 Valve By-pass
-PLC Automatic Rotation Sequencer with all NFPA alarms
-System is shipped as Modular Skids with Ship Loose Receiver and NFPA99 compliant PLC Automatic Rotation Sequencer to operate 2 to 4 units equipped with Auto Demand


* Please note that the Vertical Receivers listed below are available in various sizes.


Standard Equipment

Standard NEMA, O.D.P. Motor – 3 Phase, 60 Hz., 200, 230, 460, or 575 Volt
Modulating Inlet Valve
Heavy Duty Steel Base
Full Flow Spin-on Type Fluid Filter
Positive Lubrication Fluid Pump
Fluid Level Gauge
Auto Dual Control
Air Cooled Fluid Cooler
Temperature Regulating Valve
Full Voltage Motor Starter
120 Volt Control Transformer
QuinSyn-Plus, QuinSyn-PG, and QuinSyn-F Synthetic Compressor Fluids of Choice
Instrument Panel Includes:  
    - Vacuum Gauge
    - Air/Fluid Separator Service Gauge
    - Discharge Temperature Gauge
    - Hour Meter
    - “Power On” Light.
Tested as a Package at the Factory
Large Capacity 10-Micron Inlet Filter w/Polyester Element


Standard Protective Devices

Pressure Relief Valve on the Air/Fluid Reservoir Tank
High Discharge Air Temperature Shutdown w/Reset
UL Listed Instrument Panel

RSDD-25-N-20025 (2x)365/36529.9"Hg365134200 GALLON
RSDT-25-N-20025 (3x)365/73029.9"Hg730265200 GALLON
RSDQ-25-N-24025 (4x)365/109529.9"Hg1095401240 GALLON
RSDD-40-N-20040 (2x)550/55029.9"Hg550201200 GALLON
RSDT-40-N-24040 (3x)550/110029.9"Hg1100403240 GALLON
RSDQ-40-N-24040 (4x)550/165029.9"Hg1650604240 GALLON
RSDD-50-N-20050 (2x)730/73029.9"Hg730267200 GALLON
RSDT-50-N-24050 (3x)730/146029.9"Hg1460534240 GALLON
RSDQ-50-N-40050 (4x)730/219029.9"Hg2190801400 GALLON
RSDD-75-N-24075 (2x)980/98029.9"Hg980359240 GALLON
RSDT-75-N-40075 (3x)980/196029.9"Hg1960718400 GALLON
RSDD-100-N-400100 (2x)1500/150029.9”Hg1500549400 GALLON
RSDD-200-N-400200 (2x)3000/300029.9”Hg30001099400 GALLON