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It’s Easier With Dry Vacuum Pumps
It’s Easier With Dry Vacuum Pumps
January 05, 2017

Dry Vacuum Pumps: The New Face Of The Industry

Dry vacuum pumps are continously being used in the industry to meet the increasing demand for anti-contaminating vacuums, free from service liquids or oil. This is a requirement for low operating pressures and also provides the flexibility required for certain processes.

The GlobalVac dry vacuum pump delivers 100 percent dry running, without any mechanical shaft seals. It meets these demands without deformation or a cost premium.

Dry vacuum pumps offer numerous advantages over traditional pump designs. They don’t allow oil or water contact with process vapors, and are hence environmentally friendly. Waste disposal or affluent costs with these pumps are non-existent. The anti-contaminating vacuum functions completely free of lubricants and service fluids. Because of this, dry vacuum pumps run at quiet volumes and are extremely easy to maintain. With our modern tools, we incorporate self-diagnostic additions that make routine maintenance even easier.


All types of dry vacuum pumps are operated hot because there is no liquid to cool down the heat generated from the compressed gas. However, a dry vacuum pump uses a cooling jacket to regulate the internal pump temperature, and prevent excessive thermal growth that could lead to failure. Other features of a dry vacuum pump include close tolerances between the housing and the rotors, as well as timing oil reservoirs with gears.


Because a dry vacuum pump runs hot, it can comfortably handle corrosive vapors, even if it is made of standard iron. This is because corrosion normally occurs in the presence of moisture. Ductile or cast iron is inexpensive to manufacture. Under normal circumstances, dry vacuum pumps are not made with high alloy metals such as stainless steel because of the huge thermal growth characteristics of steel. They would require larger clearances, which would pose an unnecessary difficulty.

These are amazing machines, and I\'m a huge fan of the service as well.
Posted by: Matthew | December 22, 2017, 8:51 am
They\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re good with responding to emails and calls about my questions. Give it a shot :)
Posted by: alex-t | January 19, 2017, 7:46 am
Are there comparative numbers to see how much you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d be saving?
Posted by: josh | January 5, 2017, 8:59 am
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