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How the Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump Works
How the Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump Works
July 04, 2017

What is a Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump?

One type of positive displacement pump is the rotary screw vacuum pump. The basic configuration of a rotary screw vacuum pump (as the name suggests) involves the rotary motion of one or more screw type vanes to push fluids or other material through the chamber.


Vacuum Pumps Through History

The earliest form of the rotary screw was the single rotating screw designed by Archimedes. Since then, advances in technology have improved on this design, with multiple screws operating simultaneously in a rotary motion. Also, vacuum sealing helps in completing the rotary screw vacuum pump action. The inclusion of a gas powered motor initially that evolved into an electric motor only served to advance the development of rotary screw vacuum pump designs worldwide.


What is it Used for?

Oftentimes, the rotary screw vacuum pump is used for the transfer of liquids or other viscous materials. In offshore installations, pumping oil and other heavy liquids requires a heavy duty rotary screw vacuum pump. The most commonly used design is the three spindle screw pump, which is essentially three separate screws turning in opposite directions to one another in order to force the heavy viscous fluid through a chamber to an outlet valve. As the screws rotate, the chamber fills using a vacuum to push the liquid through.


Multiple Benefits Are to be Enjoyed

The benefits of using a rotary screw vacuum pump include the lack of disturbance of the fluid passing through the chamber. The disturbance often exhibits itself as foam or bubbles, which would be difficult to remove in a vacuum chamber. Also, the rotary screw vacuum pump ensures a continuous flow of the fluids without a decline in flow rate as the fluid travels through the chamber.

There is no exclusive or sole design for a rotary screw vacuum pump. The fluid is carried through a chamber through the opposite rotational movements of screws. Despite the different designs, though, the basic configuration amongst all the kinds of rotary screw vacuum pumps remains the same.


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