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How do oil less vacuum pumps work?
How do oil less vacuum pumps work?
November 10, 2016

An oil less vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that operates without relying on oil as a lubrication fluid. Instead, a dry lubricant such as carbon and P.T.F.E are used to reduce the friction between the engine’s core parts, especially the piston rings, skirts and the enclosing casing. Although the design of the vacuum pump primarily depend on the application and use, both marketing and engineering parameters are often embedded on the design of the pump. Critical to the design of the pump and its efficiency is the air flow, the overall pressure outcomes, the displacement, maximum duty, overall horsepower, noise limitations, physical dimensions and overall cost of the pump. For a good oil pump, each of these features is effectively sown into a single fabric making the end product.


A typical oil less vacuum pump is likely to get hot over time during the course of use since there are no fluid coolants used. As the fluids being pumped get compressed, heat is dissipated, hence the need to continuously get rid of the excess heat. The casing to the core parts of the pump are often designed to contact away the excess heat to the air around the external surface of the jacket, whose failure can have damaging effects on the inner components of the pumping and compression chambers. For more effective and successful release of the excess heat to the environment, the gears are timed with non-oil lubrication leading to close clearances being left between the rotors and the external housing of the pump.


With the oil less vacuum pump structure being designed to handle excess heat, they can handled a wide range of varied temperatures. As a consequence, they are highly limited when it comes to handling slags and other forms of contaminants. To fully understand the intricate details of the pumping systems that best suit your need, you need expert guidance before making grave mistakes in the choice of the pump. GlobalVac is one such expert companies offering a wide array of pumping solutions, accessories and services at the most competitive rates in Canada. Reach us today for further help. 

@Logan speaking to their staff gets me pretty much all my answers. Give them a call or email.
Posted by: Steven | January 19, 2017, 7:48 am
Can you further expand on the benefits of an oilless vacuum pump?
Posted by: Logan | December 7, 2016, 2:46 pm
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