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GlobalVac and Medical Vacuum Pumps
GlobalVac and Medical Vacuum Pumps
February 06, 2018

Applied in a variety of applications, vacuum pumps play an important role in most industries. In the medical field, the medical vacuum pump is used in different areas including radiopharmacy, radiosurgery and radiotherapy. The quality of medical equipment must be taken into consideration before installing one for your health care facility. It is crucial to get the best fit for your needs to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and safety.


There are several different types of medical vacuum pump available, each designed for different needs and capabilities.


It is important to study the product to ensure that the functionality and design of the medical vacuum pump will suit the facility's requirements. It is also a great idea to ask for advice from a company that specializes in medical vacuum pump systems. At GlobalVac, we can offer oil-free, rotary claw, lubricated rotary vein as well as diverse drive pumps ideal for medical facilities and much more.


In selecting a provider for pumps, compressors and their maintenance, you should be confident in their services, prices and reputation. Make sure to check the credentials of any prospective company and make sure that they have the experience and certification in providing medical vacuum pump systems needed for commercial, industrial and medical facilities.


GlobalVac has been providing excellent service for more than twenty-five years. We are considered experts in packaging vacuum systems and are dedicated to help improve your establishment's efficiency and safety. GlobalVac offers a wide range of high quality equipment and excellent service.


Our highly-trained technical team will assist you and help you determine the best system for your organization. We can create custom systems to suit your specific requirements. We have the experience, facilities and expertise to meet any challenge or project. We also cater to laboratory and industrial facilities.


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these things are so important at the hospital!
Posted by: Nancy | February 13, 2018, 8:51 am
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