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We offer a large selection of dry vacuum pump and rotary vacuum pump systems for laboratories. GlobalVac has been an industry leader in vacuum technology, we have worked with many laboratory facilities in manufacturing their ideal dry vacuum pump and rotary claw vacuum pump systems.


Our highly experienced technicians will be able to help with your purchase of the perfect dry vacuum pump and rotary vacuum pump system for the size and capabilities of your laboratory. Please feel free to browse our extensive line of dry vacuum pump and rotary vacuum pump systems.

Duplex & Triplex Camel

The GlobalVAC Duplex/Triplex Water Sealed Camel Laboratory Vacuum Systems are built with two /three close coupled liquid ring vacuum pumps with stainless steel impellers mounted on a fabricated frame over an Epoxy Lined 80 gallon (60 gallon capacity) reservoir and an Epoxy Lined, ASME coded horizontal 120 gallon. The system is built with single point connections for process inlet, system exhaust and system control power. Each pump comes equipped with an anti suck back valve, vacuum relief valve, adjustable hi temp discharge switch and seal water supply line with automatic capability for increasing seal water supply when temp switch senses discharge temp above system set point. The system is controlled by a mounted and wired PLC Control Panel.



Duplex/Triplex PLC Control Panel Including the Following:


  • Finger Safe Power Distribution Block
  • Full Voltage Motor Starter for Each Pump
  • 120V Control Transformer with CB protected Primary and Secondary Circuits
  • 120Vac/24Vdc Power Supply
  • PLC  w/integrated HMI with Touch Screen & Keypad
  • Door Mounted Motor Circuit Protector for Each Pump
  • Auto Restart after Power Outage
  • 4-20mA Transmitter to Control Pumps via PLC
  • H/O/A Switch, Run Light, Hour Meter integrated in PLC
  • Door Mounted Disconnect
  • Dry Contacts for Remote Monitoring
  • PLC By-pass allows Pump Operation with MCPs
  • System Fault Indicator display on PLC
  • UL 508 Listed,  NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • Maintenance Due Screen display on PLC
  • System Parameters selection via PLC

Capacity @ 19” Hg
Capacity @ 19” Hg
FRDC-003-1203.035/7028.9"Hg7026120 GALLLON
FRDC-005-1205.070/14028.9"Hg14052120 GALLLON
FRDC-007-1207.5105/21028.9"Hg21076120 GALLLON
FRDC-010-12010145/29028.9"Hg290106120 GALLLON
FRTC-003-1203.035/10528.9"Hg10539120 GALLLON
FRTC-005-1205.070/21028.9"Hg21078120 GALLLON
FRTC-007-1207.5105/31528.9"Hg315115120 GALLLON
FRTC-010-12010145/43528.9"Hg435159120 GALLLON