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We understand the importance of the quality of machinery and systems including rotary claw vacuum pump lines within the medical industry. This is why we here at GlobalVac are confident that you can trust in the medical vacuum pump systems and rotary claw vacuum pumps that we offer.


Our experts and technicians are able to recommend which medical vacuum pump system or rotary claw vacuum pump system is right for your facility's size and capability. Please feel free to browse our extensive line of high-quality medical vacuum pump systems and screw vacuum pumps.

Duplex Tank

The GlobalVAC Oil less Rotary Vane Medical vacuum systems are available in 1 to 8.9 hp and mounted on a horizontal receiver. Oil less vacuum pump systems are also available on a vertical receiver for 1 to 4hp. The system is built with isolation valve, check valve and pump mounted quick release inlet filter. The receiver for this oil less vacuum pump is equipped with a sight glass, manual drain valve and three valve by-pass with process inlet valve. The System is operated by a mounted and wired NFPA compliant Duplex PLC Control Panel.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about our oil less vacuum pump models. 

Duplex NFPA PLC Control Panel Including the Following:

  • Finger Safe Power Distribution Block
  • Full Voltage Motor Starter for Each Oil less Vacuum Pump
  • Dual 120V Control Transformer with CB protected Primary and Secondary Circuits
  • Dual 120Vac/24Vdc Power Supply for Oil less Vacuum Pump
  • PLC  w/integrated HMI with Touch Screen & Keypad
  • Door Mounted Motor Circuit Protector for Each Pump
  • Oil less Vacuum Pump Will Auto Restart After a Power Outage
  • 4-20mA Transmitter to Control Pumps via PLC
  • H/O/A Switch, Run Light, Hour Meter integrated in PLC
  • Door Mounted Disconnect
  • Dry Contacts for Remote Monitoring of Oil less Vacuum Pump
  • PLC By-pass allows Pump Operation with MCPs
  • System Fault Indicator display on PLC
  • UL 508 Listed,  NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • Maintenance Due Screen display on PLC
  • System Parameters selection via PLC

GPBKD-16-N-80H111/1127"Hg93.380 GAL HORIZONTAL
GPBKD-16-N-80V111/1127"Hg93.380 GAL VERTICAL
GPBKD-25-N-80H1.218/1827"Hg14.55.480 GAL HORIZONTAL
GPBKD-25-N-80V1.218/1827"Hg14.55.480 GAL VERTICAL
GPBKD-40-N-120H228/2827"Hg22.58.3120 GAL HORIZONTAL
GPBKD-40-N-120V228/2827"Hg22.58.3120 GAL VERTICAL
GPBKD-60-N-120H439/3927"Hg3211.8120 GAL HORIZONTAL
GPBKD-60-N-120V439/3927"Hg3211.8120 GAL VERTICAL
GPBKD-80-N-120H448/4827”Hg3814120 GAL HORIZONTAL
GPBKD-100-N-120H569/6927"Hg5319120 GAL HORIZONTAL
GPBKD-140-N-240H6.495/9524"Hg7528240 GAL HORIZONTAL
GPBKD-2200-N-240H6.4128/12824"Hg10037240 GAL HORIZONTAL
GPBKD-2250-N-240H8.9174/17424"Hg14553240 GAL HORIZONTAL