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Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps - Efficiency + Reliability
Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps - Efficiency + Reliability
September 09, 2016

Dry vacuum pumps play a critical in different vacuum applications, and Global Vac is at the frontline in creating varied solutions for different needs. The biggest advantage of dry claw vacuum pump machines is that they don’t necessitate lubrication in the pumping chamber, and hence eliminating possible contamination of the process. They are contact-free pumps offering economical and efficient solutions that can be utilized in multi-pump or standalone systems, with greater versatility than most other technologies out there. Our pumps are purpose-designed, robust and extremely well engineered, so as to deliver a trouble -free operation with cost effective output.


The ultimate role of every business is to minimize production cost, while boosting operational efficiency in order to gain a hedge over its competitors. It therefore makes sense to invest in a system that helps you narrow down operation costs to the minimum, while increasing productivity at no extra cash in-pump.


Dry claw vacuum pump systems from Global Vac are known for their durability performance and longevity, which is exactly what the customer wants. These machines have been around for quite some time now, and offer non-contact dry pimping chambers with maximum power saving. One of our biggest achievements is developing an application that is always a step ahead, inspired by years of experience in the industry. We challenge existing technologies such as those used in dry vane pumps, by looking at every aspect that needs improvement. That is how we have successfully created nearly-quiet machines, which are clean and easy to maintain. In fact, you will rarely hear of a dry claw vacuum pump breakdown unless the machine has literally worked for thousands of hours.


With dry claw vacuum pump systems, most of the process gasses pass through the pump. This is what causes premature failure in some machines, but we have successfully sorted it out with corrosion-resistant pumping chambers.

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