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Application of Industrial Vacuum Pumps
Application of Industrial Vacuum Pumps
August 19, 2016

The first major application of the vacuum technology in the industrial sector is dated to 1900, in the manufacture of electric light bulbs. It was later discovered that some processes, if undertaken using vacuum drivers achieved superior results compared to pure mechanical drivers; or even results that would never be achieved under normal atmospheric conditions. Some of these developments include the preparation of blood plasma used in blood banks, blooming of lens surfaces to enhance transmission of light and production of special metals like titanium. In fact, the advent of nuclear energy in the mid-1950s created impetus for the large scale development of vacuum equipment.


Modern industrial vacuum pumps use basic vacuum technology to enhance modern applications in the industrial sector. Global vac is a creative vacuum technology company specialising in the manufacture different types of vacuum machines for different applications.


GlobalVac's rotary screw industrial vacuum pumps are popular in semi-conductor manufacturing sectors, vacuum chucking, envelop manufacturing, printing industry and medical fields. With a vacuum level going up to 29.9 “ Hgv, these pumps are resilient and can work with minimal maintenance. They incorporate the modern rotary screw technology into highly efficient vacuum systems that can maintain steady vacuums even when engaged with abrupt load variability.


Global Vac supplies a range of liquid ring industrial vacuum pumps including:

  • No recovery
  • Partial recovery
  • Full recovery
  • Special materials
  • Water sealed
  • Oil sealed liquid ring systems


The concept applied ensures that the systems offer the advantage of liquid ring pumps without engaging expensive water seals. With a direct drive or belt reliability, these machines have a compact design that enhances easy service and maintenance. You will find liquid ring industrial vacuum pumps in lab environments, furniture manufacturing industries, chemical farms and semi-conductor manufacturing sectors.

I didn\\\\\\\'t know how far back the history went. Interesting tidbit :)
Posted by: kyle-88 | January 5, 2017, 2:35 pm
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