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Company Profile

Since 1990 GlobalVac has been packaging vacuum systems of various technologies, including air compressor vacuum pumps, to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. The GlobalVac systems are built with high quality and industry proven vacuum pumps and components. We have been providing our clients with quality custom built and efficiently engineered vacuum pump systems for the process, laboratory, environmental and medical industries. GlobalVac offers a variety of packaging alternatives and our technical staff is prepared to respond to a wide variety of system requirements.


About Us

GlobalVac is a leading supplier of vacuum pumps and air compressor vacuum pump systems. Our comprehensive line is designed for excellent performance, efficient operation and outstanding dependability. GlobalVac has a reputation for providing superior products at competitive prices. We have prided ourselves on our quality vacuum pump systems and lines that have had a myriad of applications throughout a long list of industries. Our vacuum pump systems are presently being utilized for NFPA-99 compliant medical and surgical applications as well as semiconductor fabrication. Other systems are deployed in various plastic molding operations and still others in furniture manufacturing facilities. Numerous colleges, universities and pharmaceutical companies have chosen our GlobalVac vacuum systems for their robustness and reliability in challenging laboratory environments. Other typical applications range from soil vapor extraction skids to large dental clinics and teaching hospitals. In addition, our application and engineering departments offer technical assistance to help you select the correct vacuum pump and/or air compressor vacuum pump system to meet your specific requirements.


Our product lines include:

Oil Sealed and Water Sealed Liquid Ring pumps and systems
Regenerative and Positive Displacement Blower pumps and systems
Lubricated and Oil-less Rotary Vane pumps and systems
Oil Free Rotary Hook and Claw systems
Rotary Screw systems


GlobalVac has a long history of serving many scientific industries. We have worked alongside these industries to develop vacuum pump systems that are reliable and efficient at what they do. We have worked with countless companies and have become a top choice supplier for quality and innovation throughout North America and Europe. Working under the auspices of Air Energy LLC we have been able to serve our clients the latest in innovative engineering and packaging concepts.


The GlobalVac Pledge

GlobalVac is dedicated to developing and producing vacuum pumps and compressor vacuum pump systems which meet the specific requirements of a wide variety of applications. We strive to continually improve our products in terms of utility, quality and aftermarket product.



The GlobalVac Difference


  • Experienced
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Precise
  • Trusted
  • Innovative