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Advantages of oil less pumps over their oil based counterparts
Advantages of oil less pumps over their oil based counterparts
July 27, 2016

Most types of vacuum pumps use oil to lubricate seals, and this oil comes with its fair share of disadvantages. It causes the formation of oil mist which poses a challenge on the maintenance of the pump. The best solution to this issue would be to use roughing or fore line traps for reducing or eliminating back streaming oil. Regardless of this measure, in the event that the oil passes through the system side of the trap, it becomes a source of vapour, which cannot be prevented from entering into the system. On the other hand, the oil traps make it more difficult when doing simple maintenance, such as when checking if oil is passing through by necessitating additional cleaning.  The oil less vacuum pump was developed to overcome the challenges faced by oil-based pumps through a total elimination of oil.


Oil less vacuum pump is environment-friendly and does not cause oil pollution. It eliminates annoying smells as well as the hassle and cost of waste oil removal. Generally, oil less pumps are more efficient, more flexible and reliable. They have a higher fore line pressure which improves their performance by achieving a higher magnitude vacuum than that of mechanical pumps.  Save yourself the cost of buying oil filtration accessories, special oils and traps by embracing oil-free machines.


Oil based pumps often require regular maintenance and attention, and frequently experience speed losses. On the other hand, oil less vacuum pumps always work at full speed at all times. They can literally deliver thousands of service hours without necessitating check-ups or maintenance.

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